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Chengdu City Tom signage Co., Ltd. was established in two to 00 in three years, is a professional design, production, sales of all in one service label manufacturer, has always been to "price level quality fast delivery" won the trust of our customers and recognition, establish a good market domain.

The company to the principle of good faith, to the quality of survival of the fundamental. The main production: metal products, PVC products, glass products, all kinds of signs, screen printing and silk printing, screen printing, hot bending. The teachers are all over eight years of experience.

Huayu logo can accurately indicate the direction, indicating the location, and the display of corporate image, brand of good size. Good landscape architecture makes the Huayu mark, let you be good to hear or see the information transmitted to every visit guest, make your customers and partners more cordial, will achieve their greatest trust and support.

Company advanced production process, strict quality management and quality tracking service, won a good reputation in the industry, and has accumulated a number of long-term close cooperation with customers. Huayu logo is willing to work with more users in the label industry work together to create a better and more beautiful, update the visual environment, and create new achievements.

The company has a service unit: panglin Hotel, Pavilion Hotel, Dihao Hotel, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the people's Bank of China, China Vanke property, the property of the sea, Taiyuan jewelry, 100 too jewelry, Zhou Dafu jewelry, Dayawan maritime department.

The scope of services: medical identification institutions of education community venues commercial regional real estate, station pier, public places,

Product advantages:

Beautiful appearance matching function

Convenient installation flexibility

Easy maintenance easy to use